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We didn’t invent scratch made; we just built our company on it.

Born in the bayous of Louisiana, Bebettes Owner Elizabeth Bambarger, has shared her unique culture with the foodie community of the Blue Ridge Mountains for over 7 years now. 

“Bebette” is a Cajun-French slang term meaning “little monster.”  A word referring to hyper children that Chef Elizabeth is very familiar with from childhood.

Our Beginnings

In 2014 Elizabeth and her husband Matthew fired up the Vieux Carre Food Truck serving up fusion Cajun and creole food throughout Asheville, NC and regional festivals.  People went wild for the light fluffy beignets with mountains of powdered sugar which inspired them to think bigger. 

In 2016, they founded the first ever brick and mortar, Bebettes: A New Orleans Coffeehouse, and began their quest of making their food a regional staple for locals and out of state visitors.  Armed with their love of beignets and a good cup of joe, they set out to make the perfect pastry and latte combo using ethically sourced and all-natural ingredients. Tapping back into Louisiana’s rich heritage they created the “Louisiana Latte,” a truly original spin on the traditional latte. 

Our Food Is A Taste of Home

Bebette’s offers Community Coffees’ chicory blend of Arabica coffee to give you that special perk each day. Our coffee beans are ethically sourced from Central and South America and are blended with the sweetness of roasted chicory.

Our beignet flavors are created in house every day from scratch with pure cane sugar and natural ingredients. The signature freshly made dough is fried in cottonseed oil until golden brown and topped with sugary sweetness. Our past experiences of culinary fusion gave birth to the signature “Beignet Sandwich.” We combine sweet and savory ingredients stuffed between two oversized beignets to delight the palate.  

Looking For a job at bebettes?

Submit a resume and a cover letter with your preferred city of employment to bebettesavl@gmail.com

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